Sunday, September 7, 2008


Tomorrow start my exam. This is really something that make me felt so tension from time to time. For the whole week, i'm trying to memorize the economic study and computer study. I just hope that i can pass this exam with flying color. For the second exam, I was quite confidence in the exam, but i fail all the subject. From this exam, I lost my confidence and i was blur after i get my exam paper mark. Will, but pass is a pass,it will never happen again tomorrow. Hope that the god will bless me.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

SOmething Big happen MAn!!! Jacky Chan!!!

This is something that you guys never experience before.. Will, it's something that just happen yesterday nite. The story goes like this, as usual, ah Meng and i climb from his house to my house and from my house to his house. This is because our house is just next door. This might be the bad luck of mine lo.. Everyday we climb here and there, nothing happen but yesterday, when i climb overback from meng house to my house,i slip and fall to the ground floor. Boom!!! A big sound from the roof to the floor makes all the people from the household area came out and see what had happen. All of them wandering what had happen because of the booming sound. When i fall down, i din't think much, i just like normal fall down straight forward stand up.After the incident happen, 1 of our housemate thought that there was robbery, he take out a big parang to see what had happen. Nobody know what had happen actually. Phew! Is a bit shame isn't it? I do not know is that call luck o unlucky because from that fall, I din't broke my hand or my leg. Only a few cut on my head, hand and leg. Maybe i can act like jacky chan. HAhaha... From this fall, i realize that sometime being good is not a good thing. Because of trying to send the hot delivery of roti bakar to my roommate, i fall down from the second floor to the ground. And now, what do i have to explain to the renter? Haiz.. Anyone can help me think of a good explaination??

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you.. Hope you will like the present that i send it back to kuching.. Is quite sad that i cant pass it to you with my own hands. No matter what, just hope that you will like the present. You will noe who i meant if you are the one who see the message. Today blog is just for you. Even im busy, i did not forget about your birthday. Just now i call, but i dint mention anything about birthday this because i want to give you a surprise. Hehe.... ^^ , hope you have a nice birthday. For sure you will not be boring...

Thursday, July 17, 2008


My hair has started to grow longer and longer from day to day. It almost cover half of my face and most of my friend like to tease me about my hair. ==" Is such an annoying thing when they like to talk about it. haiz... Why do i change my hair style, people also like to complain about it. i really can't stand with all those complaining and more worse, my friend, today suggested to cut bold head. Is been a worse suggestion i ever heard before. From that suggestion, jia seng started to say:"if jiunn mean cut his hair, we going to cut too." "OH MY GOD" Now, jia seng is making my friend to force me to cut my hair. For me, i really do not like to cut my hair until it is so short. I look more ugly when i'm having bold head. This is because i had ever try before when i was in form 4. When my hair was so short, I'm being given the nick :"cow". Then, they started to tease me by saying :"very shinny when see you." Damn hate the suggestion of having bold head. I not going to cut my hair until it was botak. Not!!!!!!!! I wont cut it.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

What had happen this week??

Is been a long time i dint blogging. In this week, a lot of thing happen... I became older now.. I pass my 19 years old birthday. On the day of my birthday, I'm quite happy eventhough i give mr.Lim and Kelvin hit my butt until it become red. They are just like a devil when the time pass 12 in the early morning. They hit my butt with their hand. After that, they used belt to tied my hand and leg. Then, they hit my butt again. Ouch!! Is such a pain.. After they bully me, i call Mr. Lim friend and calling her for help. But i felt so sad because she tell me that she won't involve in the situation. After that, Mr.Lim call someone and tell that person to say happy birthday to me. Actually, early early that person already send message to me. Will, this the first time I pass my birthday at Petaling Jaya. This year, I pass my birthday just like a normal day just except the early morning incident is an "abnormal" thing. Beside that, i receive present from Mr.lim, Tony, Kelvin and Cindy. Thanks to you guys. Is a very special gives. On Thusday, me and mr.Lim went to ss2 to help my new friend in Petaling Jaya to celebrate his birthday. We give him a surprise. After celebrate at ss2, we go to his house and buy cakes for him. We play happily at his house.. It been a long time i did not have so much fun after i leave kuching. We take a lot of picture with the birthday boy. On Saturday, is a happy day for Cindy but it was quite a sad day for as my uncle pass away because of suffer from cancer. After we celebrate with Cindy at about 9 something at nite, i received the news of my uncle death. I just suddenly felt very sorrow when i receive the news. Hopefully he will be more happy at the otherside of the world.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Are them Potter o Witches????

Today was just passes through peacefully as kelvin finish his first presentation and me n MR LIM finish our chemistry practical report. It is just a great day that our chemistry finally done..With a very relax feeling, we enjoy the night surfing internet and watched downloaded movie. So, as i was enjoying my animation(bleach), suddenly i felt sudden fear from my back and i can sense that something is going on wrong. so before i can manage to turn back, a towel is flip from my back to eyes and surrounded my eyes.... i was thinking"shit!!!! i am the prey again. Why just cant i gone throught the week peacefully. I already injured on my toe and now my turn to become the prey for the two 'predators' again" So at the moment the towel covered my eyes, i start to beg them. Once i took off the towel, i realise that the towel is the cloth to mop the floor and wipe the leg. When the fire in my heart is almost reaching the highest limit, suddenly...........i saw two stupid idiots dressing in superman style. Wearing up the safety goggles, with a bathing towel on their back. just bacause of this, my fire seems like being splash by water and i was lying on the floor laughing half dead. Wonder how they looks like?


Front is Kelvin and back is MR LIM

Somehow after this i thoiught it might comes to an end but suddenly they disappear and i got scare agen as i have phobia towards the two night-stalker. They suddenly turns out with a broom and a toilet bowl brush. All of us were just non-stop laughing and cannot even took a perfect shot. I manage to take a crocoaches lying on the flow with a goggle wearing on.

Do u see the toilet bowl brush?

After that, Kevin gets the broom and starts to act Potter but the thing in my mind was he is actually acting crazy frog. As what i knew, crazy frog drove a invisible motorcycle, but for him i think he is riding on a rocket swirling to the left and to the right.

New generation of Crazy Frog

Even the uni lifes is though and stress but i think this two guys make me feel amused and forget all stress and pressure. But i stil think they should consult the doc to adjust their timer to be active in day time and not in night time as i think it may probably bring harm and danger to my housemates.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pain toe!!!!

What a day... I was playing basketball in the basketball court, and my toe has been step by someone when we were playing 5 on 5 at the court... My toe hurt man!!! And now, i'm living with the one who like to disturb me.. Oh my god, now My Pain Toes Even It Not That Clear....
they having the chances to disturb me again.... Well, to protect myself, i did all the thing they ask to full fill their satisfaction so that they will forget my toe is hurt.i'm sorry too to everyone in my msn list because is that Mr.Lim who simply nudge you guys and add you guys to the conversation..Very very sorry ya!!! Haizz.... When i finished all the thing they asked for, they started to disturb me again... Oh man, this going to be a long night for me... T.T When they trying to make my toe suffer, something happen to 1 of them, call"...." guess who..... not the one i like to
Big Potatoes Falling Down The Second Timesmention in my blog already... Now is "Kelvin", he fall the 1st time when he tried to touch my pain toe, is juz like a clumsy elephant falling down the floor. A big bang sound "pong" when he fell on the floor... Me and the long leg"Mr.Lim" laugh at him.... After a while, they think of new stuff to disturb me again because i told Mr.Lim that"what you do to me is ok, just don't touch my pain toe." So, he use the paintbrush that Kelvin gave to him, to make my body itch... I scold him when he started to do so... I quite angry for that... And he trying to touch my toe again... He couldn't reach my toe since he was sleeping far away from my toe... So, he call Kelvin to touch my toe. When Kelvin help him to touch my toe, he fell from the chair again... Haha.... Is this what we call retribution?? But if this is judgement, then why isn't Mr.Lim the one who fell down?? Now, i'm safe, i can have a good sleep and sweet dream since he is having a sweet dream of his girlfriend...